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The GoPro Underwater Videographer Course with PAN AQUA DIVING

Underwater photography and videography has changed dramatically in the last ten years. The introduction of the GoPro has literally revolutionized the field, but, as with any new skill, it takes instruction and practice. Professional underwater videographer and scuba instructor, Peter Bucknell, created the first underwater videography course specific to the GoPro camera which was soon endorsed by PADI after its inception. Now you can get the most out of your new GoPro camera!

Knowledge Development

Prior to taking the course, students should complete the PADI Digital Underwater Photography e-Learning program. Also, Peter Bucknell has written an e-book specific to underwater imaging with the GoPro. (He literally wrote the book on using the GoPro underwater!) It is highly encouraged for students to purchase the book from iTunes before taking the class as it pertains specifically to the GoPro. Students will then attend two nights of lectures and confined water training learning lighting techniques, fundamentals of composition, editing, and safety concerns related to underwater photography. (If you have previous underwater photography experience, you may be exempt from taking the e-Learning as per the instructor’s discretion.)

Confined Water Training

After the lecture on the first night, students will collect footage in the pool practicing various techniques in lighting and composition and safety protocols. Then, for the second night, students will be asked to compile a short video of the footage they shot and bring it in for discussion. The majority of the second night will be spent refining editing and storage processes that will best fit the GoPro format.



Students must bring their own personal gear (mask, fins, boots, and snorkel) as well as their GoPro camera and any lighting systems or accessories they own. Basic scuba gear, which includes a BC, regulators, wetsuit, tanks, and weights, will be provided if needed. 


Students must be at least Open Water Diver certified and be at least 15 years of age.



Course: $240

PADI Digital Underwater Photography e-Learning: $165

The Underwater GoPro Book: $19.95 (available on iTunes)

For more information about Peter Bucknell and the GoPro Underwater Videography course or to simply see some cool footage shot on a GoPro camera, visit Pete’s website: http://how2scuba.com/training/Specialties/GoPro/